Wharton County SPOT

For the homeless pets of Wharton County


(Enter zip code 77488 to see available animals from Wharton or another zip code for animals in your area.)




Price for adopting a dog is $100.00

Price for adopting a cat is $75.00

About 60% of households have at least one dog, cat, bird or other companion animal.  Pets provide companionship, joy, unconditional love, a sense of security, and often a service.  It is proven that pets can have beneficial effects regarding blood pressure, tension and loneliness.  Your pet owning experience will be most enjoyable if you take time to consider which pet best suits your family and lifestyle.


Why do you want a pet?  Are you considering a pet because you have decided that you truly want to include a pet in your family?

What Activities do you enjoy?  How will your pet be involved in your family?  Pets can be companions or for more active families they can also enjoy competitions, jogging, camping or other activities.  Consider the pets' temperment and physical attributes.

How do you spend your day?  Puppies will require time for housebreaking, training and extra feedings.  Are you gone all day? Do you work late?  Feeding, exercise, grooming and play are daily time commitments that must be considered in caring for a healthy, happy pet.  

What kind of Dog or Cat is right for you?  SPOT has mostly mix breed dogs and cats but the temperaments can be measured pretty accurately by foster homes and volunteers who are knowledgeable about breeds and behavior.  For instance there is a huge difference in the temperament of terrier mixes and Labrador mixes.  SPOT can discuss these issues with you.

Considering a Puppy?  Puppies are cute and playful and lots of fun but they are also a lot of work in the beginning.  Puppies require frequent feeding and potty breaks and housebreaking can be frustrating at times.  But working through these trials will produce a great family friend that will grow with your family.  For some people it is easier to adopt a grown dog or cat.  This is something to consider when picking a pet.

Have you considered the cost of owning a pet?  Responsible pet care will cost some money as well as time.  There is the initial adoption fee then yearly vaccines, food costs, toys and supplies, and grooming with some breeds.